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Computing Architectures Software tools and nano-Technologies for Numerical Embedded and Scalable Systems

Chair: Pier Stanislao Paolucci (INFN Roma)

January 17th, 18th 2011



Monday 17 January 2011: Day 1
Event Speaker Name Affiliation Duration Start End
REGISTRATION 00:40 13:00 13:40
OPENING and WELCOME Speranza Falciano INFN Roma 00:20 13:40 14:00
SOOS: Scaling Issues in Current OS Architectures and Approaches to Overcome them Daniel Rubio Bonilla USTUTT-HLRS, Stuttgart 00:20 14:00 14:20
SOOS: Composition vs Concurrency Mihai Letia EPFL, Lausanne 00:20 14:20 14:40
SHORT BREAK 00:20 14:40 15:00
SOOS: Issues in Large Scale Scheduling of Distributed Applications Tommaso Cucinotta Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa 00:20 15:00 15:20
SOOS: Resource Discovery and Modelling in Heterogeneous Computing Environnments Christiaan Baaij University of Twente 00:20 15:20 15:40
SHORT BREAK 00:20 15:40 16:00
TRAMS: Introduction to the TRAMS Project Objectives Antonio Rubio UPC Barcelona 00:20 16:00 16:20
TRAMS Variability at Device Level Andrew Brown University of Glasgow 00:20 16:20 16:40
COFFEE BREAK 00:30 16:40 17:10
TRAMS: New Tools and Methods in Robust SRAM Design Paul Zuber Imec 00:20 17:10 17:30
TRAMS: Temperature, Voltage and Process Variations in SRAMs Shrikanth Ganapathy UPC Barcelona 00:13 17:30 17:43
TRAMS: Robustness of SRAM Memories Ioana Vatajelu UPC Barcelona 00:13 17:43 17:56
TRAMS: Carbon Nanotub Technology an Alternative in Future RAM Memories Carmen Garcia UPC Barcelona 00:14 17:56 18:10

Tuesday 18 January 2011: Day 2
Event Speaker Name Affiliation Duration Start End
EURETILE: Brain-Inspired many-tile SW/HW Experiment Pier S. Paolucci INFN Roma 00:20 09:00 09:20
EURETILE: Distributed Application Layer - Towards Seamless Programming of Many-Tiles Architectures Iuliana Bacivarov ETH Zurich 00:20 09:20 09:40
EURETILE: Simulation Challenges in the EURETILE Project Jovana Jovic RWTH Aachen 00:20 09:40 10:00
COFFEE BREAK 00:30 10:00 10:30
EURETILE: Communication Synthesis in Low Level Software for Hierarchical Heterogeneous Systems Frederic Rousseau TIMA/UJF Grenoble 00:20 10:30 10:50
EURETILE: Ideas for the design of an ASIP for LQCD Werner Geurts TARGET Leuven 00:20 10:50 11:10
SHORT BREAK 00:20 11:10 11:30
EURETILE: The HPC and Embedded Experimental HW Platform Piero Vicini INFN Roma 00:20 11:30 11:50
TERAFLUX: Intro Roberto Giorgi Università di Siena 00:20 11:50 12:10
TERAFLUX: OS Doron Shamia Microsoft 00:20 12:10 12:30
LUNCH 01:40 12:30 14:10
TERAFLUX: On Transactional Memory in TERAFLUX Berham Khan University of Manchester 00:20 14:10 14:30
TERAFLUX: On Computational Models Salman Khan University of Manchester 00:20 14:30 14:50
SHORT BREAK 00:20 14:50 15:10
TERAFLUX: On State-of-the-art and Plans on the Loop Nest Optimization Konrad Trifunovic INRIA Saclay, France 00:20 15:10 15:30
FET Plans Jean-Marie Auger EU FET Officer 00:20 15:30 15:50

Participant List

CASTNESS'11 (1st and 2nd day - 2011, January 17-18)
Name Project Affiliation
Jean Marie Auger EU Commission
Speranza Falciano INFN Roma
Laura Tosoratto EURETILE INFN Roma
Pier Stanislao Paolucci EURETILE INFN Roma
Piero Vicini EURETILE INFN Roma
Andrea Biagioni EURETILE INFN Roma
Ottorino Frezza EURETILE INFN Roma
Alessandro Lonardo EURETILE INFN Roma
Davide Rossetti EURETILE INFN Roma
Francesco Simula EURETILE INFN Roma
Francesca Lo Cicero EURETILE INFN Roma
Frederic Rousseau EURETILE TIMA-UJF Grenoble
Rainer Leupers EURETILE RWTH Aachen
Christoph Schumacher EURETILE RWTH Aachen
Jovana Jovic EURETILE RWTH Aachen
Luis Gabriel Murillo EURETILE RWTH Aachen
Iuliana Bacivarov EURETILE ETH Zurich
Devendra Rai EURETILE ETH Zurich
Michela Giovagnoli EURETILE INFN Roma
Werner Geurts EURETILE TARGET Leuven
Roberto Giorgi TERAFLUX UNISI Siena
Konrad Trifunovic TERAFLUX INRIA Saclay
Albert Cohen TERAFLUX INRIA Saclay
Daniel Goodman TERAFLUX University of Manchester
Salman Khan TERAFLUX University of Manchester
Ian Watson TERAFLUX University of Manchester
Arne Garbade TERAFLUX University of Augsburg
Sebastian Weis TERAFLUX University of Augsburg
Behram Khan TERAFLUX University of Manchester
Ilaria Sbragi TERAFLUX UNISI Siena
Laurent Morin TERAFLUX CAPS Entreprise
Doron Shamia TERAFLUX Microsoft
Avi Mendelson TERAFLUX Microsoft
Rania Mameesh TERAFLUX UNISI Siena
Antonio Portero TERAFLUX UNISI Siena
Lutz Schubert S(o)OS USTUTT-HLRS Stuttgart
Tommaso Cucinotta S(o)OS Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Jan Kuper S(o)OS University of Twente
Bruno Santos S(o)OS IT Aveiro
Javad Zarrin S(o)OS IT Aveiro
Joao Paulo Barraca S(o)OS IT Aveiro
Christiaan Baaij S(o)OS University of Twente
Daniel Rubio Bonilla S(o)OS USTUTT-HLRS Stuttgart
Mihai Letia S(o)OS EPFL Lausanne
Juri Lelli S(o)OS Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Giulio Mancuso S(o)OS Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Antonio Rubio TRAMS UPC Barcelona
Andrew Brown TRAMS University of Glasgow
Ramon Canal TRAMS UPC Barcelona
Shrikanth Ganapathy TRAMS UPC Barcelona
Carmen Garcia TRAMS UPC Barcelona
Ioana Vatajelu TRAMS UPC Barcelona
Tanausu Ramirez TRAMS Intel
Paul Zuber TRAMS Imec

Social Dinner

Restaurant "PINSA E BUOI"

Viale dello Scalo San Lorenzo, 15/17


The social dinner will cost 30€ to be payed (cash) at the CASTNESS registration, the 17th in the morning.

After payment you will receive a voucher, and at the restaurant you will get a receipt at your name and, of course, your dinner!

If you would like to be part of the social dinner, we would appreciate if you could send us a confirmation at


First year edition is organized by the Euretile project Next years editions will be organized by the other Fet Tera Device Computing projects .

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