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RWTH Aachen

About the RWTH Aachen

The RWTH Aachen is the largest university of technology in Germany and one of the most renowned technical universities in Europe, with around 28,000 students, more than the half of which in engineering. Every year numerous international students and scientists come to the RWTH Aachen to benefit from the internationally recognised high level of courses and the excellent work facilities at the RWTH. Almost 5,000 international students are currently enrolled at both undergraduate level and graduate and Ph.D level. The proximity of Aachen to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg and the subsequent exposure to a variety of cultural heritages has placed RWTH Aachen in a unique position with regard to the reflection and promotion of international aspects and intensive interaction with other universities.


About the Institute for Integrated Signal Processing Systems

The institute for Integrated Signal Processing Systems (ISS) jointly headed by Prof. Gerd Ascheid and by Prof. Heinrich Meyr and the chair for Software for Systems on Silicon (SSS) headed by Prof. Rainer Leupers collaborate closely in research complementing each other with their expertise.

Key research areas are

  * Transmission schemes and receiver algorithms for wireless digital communication systems
  * Architectures and design tools for embedded systems (embedded MP-SoC)

There is a tight relation between these topics, since in the theoretical studies of transmission schemes and algorithms, implementation aspect should always be taken into account as well. Further, wireless digital communication systems often are implemented using embedded (multi-) processor on chip architectures. In particular, in this application domain we find the most extreme requirements

  * high amount of flexibility, to enable multi-standard systems and short product development cycles
  * extremely complex signal processing, to achieve best possible transmission quality with least possible resource utilization (bandwidth, transmit power)
  * lowest power consumption for maximum battery operating time

All this requires optimally tailored architectures, like e.g. processors with application specific instruction sets (ASIP, Application Specific Instruction Set Architectures), and very efficient design tools producing high quality of result.


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