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Université Joseph Fourier - TIMA Laboratory

Université Joseph Fourier

University Joseph Fourier is one of the top universities in France. It provides students with its high-quality education, enabling them to gain strong professional skills. 17000 students are registered at UJF to study a wide range of disciplines covering sciences, technology, medicine and society. UJF offers a variety of bachelor and master programmes (52 bachelor's degrees, 84 research-oriented or vocational master's degrees) and has 8 doctoral schools.

TIMA Laboratory

TIMA is a public research laboratory sponsored by Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble INP) and Université Joseph Fourier (UJF). The research topics cover the specification, design, verification, test, CAD tools and design methods for integrated systems, from analog and digital components on one end of the spectrum, to multiprocessor Systems-on-Chip together with their basic operating system on the other end. To better reflect the actual research themes, TIMA now stands for “Techniques of Informatics and Microelectronics for integrated systems Architecture”. With this slight change of name, TIMA exhibits the shift of interest and focus of the research groups, who more than ever anticipate the models, methods, designs and design tools that will become indispensable to the microelectronics and CAD industry.

TIMA is organized in 6 research groups:

* Architectures for Robust and complex Integrated Systems (ARIS),
* Concurrent Integrated Systems (CIS),
* Micro and Nano Systems (MNS),
* Reliable Mixed-signal Systems (RMS),
* System Level Synthesis (SLS),
* Verification and modeling of Digital Systems (VDS).

The laboratory membership is around 100 persons, including PhD candidates, to whom 30 interns and trainees should be added. TIMA is very international: its members and interns come from all over the world. A large portion of the research is performed in the context of cooperative projects with industrial and academic partners, supported by regional, national and European grants.

The six research groups of TIMA are proud to present their research topics, their current projects, and the results obtained in the past year. TIMA, as in the previous years, emphasizes excellence. Members of TIMA contribute to many international events, participate in a large number of European research actions, and have established scientific agreements with Universities and research laboratories worldwide. In 2007, mature research results from the CIS group have been the cornerstone for the foundation of a new start-up company: TIEMPO.

SLS Group

* MPSoC and NoC/NiP based systems: Architectures and CAD tools,
* Hardware/software interfaces modeling and simulation techniques,
* Embedded software specification and implementation,
* Reconfigurable prototyping platform for system validation.

The TIMA Euretile Team

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